Svijany brewery

The SVIJANY brand represents traditional beer, typical for the Czech Republic, produced from high-quality water from our own wells and malt from selected varieties of malted barley from small independent Czech and Moravian malthouses, with the addition of the finest Saaz hops grown in our own hop gardens in the exceptional hop-growing region of Polepská blata. Production takes place today in the unfortunately vanishing traditional production method, used back in the second half of the 20th century by all Czech breweries. This is characterized by the double-mash brewing method with a thorough boiling of the mash and the long boiling of the hops, fermentation in open vats in the fermentation room and the long-term maturing in lagering tanks. We do not chemically treat the beer at all and we deliver it to the market unpasteurized, thus in the “live” form. The pleasantly clean hoppy taste and aroma is therefore retained. Svijany Brewery is wholly Czech owned and remains one of the last in ‚domestic‘ hands.

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